This Ain't No Country Club

It’s Time.


Becoming a better athlete in any sport is all about being fearless.   You’ve heard it–  “just do it, just go for it, believe in yourself.”  And yet, you don’t break through–I’m talking all in, all the time– to that place.  “If only I had just hit that ball, poached that shot, cracked that serve in, fired that return back.”  I hear it all the time.  “I would have won that point…game…set…match.”  It all adds up.   If only, if only.  That’s fear talking.  At RJ Tennis Boot Camp, you leave the fear at the door.  Belief talks here.  I want you to hit all out.  No holding back.  This is the place to do it.  Enough already.  Start strong.  Stay strong.  No doubt, no fear, just pure belief.  Become the player you’ve always wanted to be.