The Four Seasons Tennis Club Will Be Closing

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As many of you may have already learned, Mr. Williams, the owner of The Four Seasons Tennis Club, has informed me that he has put into motion of selling the property on which The Four Seasons Tennis Club lies.  He does not plan on closing the club down any earlier than May 1, 2018, with the possibility that the date may be extended, as many factors need to fall into place during this period of time.

Mr. Williams created the iconic Four Seasons Tennis Club in 1972, and for the past 44 years this remarkable man has provided a true home for tennis players throughout the metropolitan area.  His vision for a year-round tennis on all surfaces, indoors and out, has drawn loyal members from around the beltway.  I have been humbled and honored that RJ TENNIS® was welcomed into the tennis family at The Four Seasons Tennis Club, and the opportunity they gave me to freely create and exercise my vision for an exciting, challenging and innovative adult tennis program.  RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP® will continue to be an exciting part of The Four Seasons Tennis Club until the doors close for the final time.

Looking ahead is an exciting future.  RJ TENNIS® has signed a contract with the Lansdowne Resort, in Leesburg, to bring the full RJ TENNIS® program to the members and non-members of Lansdowne Resort.  Along with running the regular RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP® program, I am excited for the opportunity to create a world class destination tennis camp experience there, much like a Saddlebrook.  Lansdowne Resort offers beautiful accommodations along with tennis, golf, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, fitness center, dining and a world class spa:

As the RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP® program has grown over the years, so to, RJ TENNIS® LLC has grown to eight outdoor facilities.  With the addition of Lansdowne Resort to the RJ TENNIS® family and additional prospective locations, I am excited for where RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP® is and even more excited for the future.  While I am coaching on the tennis courts working to help create for you the best tennis experience possible, I am always working behind the scenes to grow my vision of what I know the RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP® experience can be and where it can be, including various indoor and outdoor tennis facilities.  All by way of saying that I, and my amazing RJT Coaches, will still be yelling at you to, “HIT THAT BALL!,” now, and in the future.


Rob Carvajal, Jr.


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