Rob Carvajal, Jr., the founder of RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP®, is the Director of Adult Tennis at The Four Seasons Tennis Club in northern Virginia.

Starting as the Director of Adult Tennis at The Four Seasons Tennis Club in 2009 with just seven clients, the RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP® program has grown to become the largest adult tennis program in the metropolitan area with hundreds and hundreds of adults participating each week.  This is first video Rob had made of the RJT program in 2010:



For over 25 years, Rob has coached both tennis and springboard diving.

A former competitive diver, Rob knows what it feels like to leap and soar upward into the air forwards, backwards, somersaulting and twisting, and then entering into the water without a splash from both the one and three meter diving boards.  Fear plays a big role in the sport.  A diver has to learn that fear has to have its proper place.  It can’t have a prominent place.  Fear and hesitation can and often leads to failure.


As a dive coach, he was always working to create an environment of encouragement where all of the divers felt invited and welcomed to be a part of the team.  Once on the team it was about teaching the kids how to dream big and then learning that commitment to making dreams come true takes hard work.  The program was never about just winning.  The winning came as a by product when the divers felt a sense of community, family and belonging.  When everyone was on the same page of striving for individual and team excellence, then the hard work didn’t seem to be so hard.

Hannah Hartmann - WTW & Truro Diver

Throughout the years he worked to motivate, challenge and inspire his divers to overcome their fears, achieve excellence, and win championships.   From 1990 to present he lead two separate high school varsity dive teams to a combined 19 Virginia High School State Team Championships, numerous individual VA State Champions, numerous All American Divers and a win loss record of 314 wins and 12 loses.  From 1985 to 2014 he also coached two separate swim clubs to 17 Northern Virginia Swim League Division One Team Championships for a combined win loss record of 131 wins 9 losses and 5 ties.


Rob brings that same motivation and coaching style to his RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP®, and has helped players learn to hit all out and play fearlessly, while improving their fitness, foot speed, power and mental toughness on the court.    Players have attributed their increased wins and their higher USTA ratings to the RJT program, and others have dropped up to 40 pounds in his clinics.



Rob gets players from day one to hit all out.  He believes it is easier to learn to control power, than to start timid and try to get to powerful.  Like his divers, he wants players to be fearless.  Anyone in Rob’s boot camps will hear him shouting out, “HIT THAT BALL! BE STRONG!”  Or, “LET IT ALLLLLLLLL OUT!”  Rob has developed his RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP™ so you can lose the fear, lose the doubt, acquire belief and emerge a stronger player.


In 2009 the RJT program started with just one BOOT CAMP DRILLS & LIVE BALL® class.  As the excitement and energy grew in the program, Rob has created and introduced numerous RJT classes to help meet the growing hunger and interest of the clients:  EXTREME BOOT CAMP DRILLS & LIVE BALL™, RJT GAME ON!™, RJT STROKE IMMERSION™, RJT COMBAT LIVE BALL™, RJT POWERRRR DRILLS!™, RJT POWERRRR SINGLES LIVE BALL™ and RJT DOUBLES POSITIONING & STRATEGIES™.  Please come and be a part of the RJT experience.





The Making Of A Championship Team

Rob is happily married to his wife Wendy.  Both Rob & Wendy have a passion and joy for their Bernese Mountain Dogs RJ & Marcus.










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