Looking for 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 players.

If you don’t have a rating, not to worry.  I can take care of that.

USTA League

It’s time to think about U.S.T.A.

The spring U.S.T.A. 18 & older league season will be starting up in April.  I know it seems some time away, but some team captains have started reaching out to players and are putting their teams together.  I will be working on putting men’s and women’s teams together.  Please email me at rjtennis@rjtennis.com if you’re interested in playing on a RJ TENNIS® team.


If you have never played on a U.S.T.A. team and don’t have a computer rating, please not to worry.  I will show you how to self-rate when registering.


Matches may be held weeknights as early as 6:30 pm and start as late as 9:30 pm and any time on the weekends.  The matches may be scheduled at any indoor facility in northern Virginia.  The schedules are not out and won’t be out until April.  Please don’t inquire about when and where the matches are. 


U.S.T.A. membership is required:  The cost is $44.

U.S.T.A. League Fee is required at time of registration:  $28.50 per team

Match fees are required:  $16 per match per person payable to Patty Yeates, the league coordinator, plus a new can of tennis balls for each home match played.


5.0 Mixed Doubles Team

I am looking to help put together a 5.0 mixed doubles team.  If you’re a brand new player and or have a 2.5 rating, please let me know if you’re interested in playing on a mixed doubles team.  I have someone who is interested in captaining.  This will be the only mixed doubles team that I will be helping to put together. 


U.S.T.A. league play is a lot of fun and it’s great competition.  Please email me atrjtennis@rjtennis.comif you’re interested.  I will place you on one of my teams and will forward you the team codes when I receive them in late March.