1. Captains shall collect $16 per player for the cost of the match.  If one team must default an individual match or matches, the defaulting team is responsible for their team’s match fees associated with the default(s.)  In the event of a double default, where both teams fail to arrive for the match, each team must pay their own match fees associated with the default.

  1. Each captain is responsible for collecting payment from their own players.  Captains may submit payment by check or Paypal.  Do not pay in cash.  Captains/teams will be responsible for replacing cash that is lost.

Payment by check – If paying by check, Captains shall submit one check per match for their team in the envelopes provided for payment purposes.  Payments may be left at Fairfax or Four Seasons only.  Envelopes will be available at the front desks of Fairfax Racquet Club and Four Seasons Tennis Club.  Please place your team’s name and match date on the check and return to the front desk.   There will be some self-addressed, stamped envelopes in with the match envelopes if you want to mail payment via the USPS.  For matches at locations other than Fairfax Racquet Club(FX) or Four Seasons(FS), captains may submit payment the next time they play at FX or FS or use a stamped envelope available at FX or FS.

Payment by Paypal – Captains may submit match payments via Paypal using the email address novatennisleagues@gmail.com.

  1. The home team shall provide one can of unopened USTA approved balls per court.

  1. The captains shall agree to and record the results of the match.   Each captain is responsible for keeping a complete match scorecard for future reference when entering (or validating) the results on TennisLink, and to facilitate resolution of any data entry disputes. After the entire match is completed, both captains and their designees shall sign both match scorecards, indicating their agreement to the player names and scores recorded thereon. Each captain shall retain one of the signed scorecards for the remainder of the season. Failure to retain a signed scorecard may result in waiver of the right to dispute the results of the match.  Either team captain may record the scores on Tennislink.  All matches must be reported on Tennislink within 48 hours or the match is subject to default. If you encounter difficulties, contact Patty Yeates (703-980-5278) immediately.