“I had a great time at the clinic on Tuesday night – what a great workout!
I had originally heard about your clinic from someone who beat me up really badly on the court last year and now I know why!”   RJT first-time client, January 2015.


You don’t come to RJ Tennis Boot Camp to do what you already know how to do.  You’ve got that.  You come because you know tennis is a game where you can always improve, no matter your level.  

I’ve designed RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP™  to be an all-encompassing tennis program to make you a fitter, faster, stronger and more powerful tennis player, both physically and mentally.  RJ Tennis is the largest adult tennis program in the metropolitan area, and for good reason.  It is unique, fun, fast-paced and challenging.  I incorporate a dynamic and exhilarating approach to coaching this sport.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced match player, there’s a program that will make you better.  All I ask is that you bring passion for the game, and a willingness to work hard to improve.   

At RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP™  you will hit a ton of balls, no matter which class you chose:  RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP™ or, if you really want to fast-track your fitness, the EXTREME BOOT CAMP DRILLS & LIVE BALL™.   It’s like having a personal trainer on the court with you!    RJT GAME ON!™ is designed to improve your doubles shot-making skills and shot-making decisions,  RJT STROKE IMMERSION™ pushes you to create that muscle memory by hitting tons of forehands and backhands, and RJT LIVE BALL™,   RJT COMBAT LIVE BALL™ and  RJT SINGLES LIVE BALL™ put you in the center of fast-moving points. 

Whatever class you choose, from the moment you walk on the court, you will feel the energy and excitement here at RJ TENNIS®.

Check out the schedule today and email me at  rjtennis@rjtennis.com!  Thank you.